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Our Philosophy

Not just another advertising agency…


Believe us, if we made just $1 every time a potential client told us that they’ve ‘worked with an agency previously but the results were terrible’… Jeff Bezos would be sat at the number 2 spot on Forbes’ richest list.


We have heard your cries and we know how tired you are of all these “agencies” promising you the world and underdelivering.


Which is why we are proud to present you; MCG Agency. – The worlds first Zero-Risk Advertising agency.


The only agency skilled enough to not only guarantee results for your business but the only agency that can guarantee you’ll make a minimum of 20% profit on your advertising investment.


This isn’t just advertising, it’s advertising the way it should be.

What we specialise in

Just Paid Ads?!

Yup! – We only offer a single service to a single industry.


That’s Facebook ads (including its audience network & Instagram) to the E-commerce industry.


True mastery requires monastic focus & sacrifice.


I would like to pose a simple, yet interesting question: Who is the greatest NBA player of all time?


Really take a moment to think about it…


You could have easily said Michael Jordan, Lebron James or Kobe Bryant etc. The list goes on.


The fact is, there is no right or wrong answer. It’s actually a bit of a trick question because it all comes down to your own personal opinion and preference.


But here’s the real question: What do all the greats have in common?


Answer: They all stuck to just one thing. That’s it.


It’s how anyone becomes the best at anything.


Take Lebron James for instance. You either love him or hate him but there’s no denying he is one of the greatest of all time and has the rings to back that up.


But do you see Lebron being world-class at basketball and swimming, or any other sport or thing for that matter?… No!


It’s the same with advertising, to become world-class we’ve sacrificed everything else to focus on just paid traffic, namely Facebook and Instagram ads as those notoriously bring our clients the greatest ROI bar none.


It’s the very reason why we are able to scale our clients to over $100k/pm profit whilst staying aggressively lean.


I implore you to take a look at our free case study here

How We Create A Money-Printing Machine For Our Client's Businesses In 3-steps:

Understanding the universal advertising equation

Part 1/3

Throughout our years of high-level advertising, we’ve found that 99% of E-commerce business owners operate very sporadically, have a bunch of holes in their sales funnels and aren’t implementing the same “4-part advertising system” we’ve formulated to scientifically turn $1 into; $2, $10 and sometimes even $23.


This system is a machine that literally spits out cash for your business 24/7, 365 on demand and you are yet to discover it.


The reason why your business & its cashflow feels so inconsistent is because you have a “leaky tap” of sales.


If your business makes $7k one month, $20k the next month and then the month after that you’re back down to $5k, you have not yet successfully got the “universal advertising equation” working in your business.


The reason these symptoms are present in your business is because you are trying to leverage a myriad of different traffic sources to generate sales ranging from; PR, influencers & shoutouts, SEO, organic social media posts, and dare I say it, traditional media.


These are all strategies that can work but are not consistent and are not scalable as there are too many unclear & un-trackable metrics that do not warrant a discernible return on your investment.


Again, resulting in inconsistent cash flow and a lot of sleepless nights worrying about if you’re business is going to make the same amount of money it did last month.


Here is the solution we have created, distilled & battle-tested that routinely allows us to scale our client’s businesses to multiple 6 & 7 figures:


Solid foundations + Trackable Traffic + Profitable CAC x Ads = Hyper-growth.


If you have all 4-parts of the system down your brand will become an unstoppable force!


Watch how we do this here.

Gaining The Eye Of Horus

Part 2/3

Current statistics show that 75% of people who add one of your products to their cart bounce without completing their purchase!!


This means for every 100 people who add to cart, only 25 of them complete the purchase resulting in 75% of your business is being left on the table. – This is all revenue going to your competitors.


Trying to get people to convert from one single ad is simply impossible, not even Mark Zuck’ himself could do that and he pretty much owns much the entirety of social media (the best traffic sources for E-commerce specifically anyway).


Here’s another cold-hard statistic: There needs to be at least 5-12 different touchpoints before a customer makes a purchasing decision. That means your brand needs to be seen or heard about at least 5-12 times before you can convert a total stranger into a paying customer and avid fan.


This is why gaining the Eye of Horus is so crucial for the survival of your business. Your brand & products need to be seen everywhere on social media as he who can stay in front of their audience, all the time on all the top social media platforms wins, period.


Gaining the eye of Horus grants you this exact ability and allows you to recover all those abandoned carts so they do not feed your competition.


This is the next level of retargeting. Retargeting that dynamically tracks your web-visitors’ activities and automatically places them within clearly defined retargeting segments based upon what products they’ve viewed and what actions they’ve taken on your site.


This results in a vastly more effective way to follow up with all the people who have not yet completed their purchase to entice them to come back and complete their purchases by speaking to them correctly based upon the current stage they are at, within your sales funnel.

God-Like Ad Copy

Part 3/3

One of the most important aspects when it comes to effective advertising is your ability to craft ad-copy that strikes a nerve and sparks emotion. When you can spark Emotion you create Motion and ‘motion’ in this sense is action, which is; clicks, add to carts, checkouts & sales.



Writing expert-level copy, couple with catchy ad images/videos is where you should spend 90% of your energy when it comes to crafting your ads as this dictates how profitable your ads will be due to your click-through rate having tremendous butterfly effects on all your other advertising metrics such as you customer acquisition cost and your return on ad spend (ROAS) specifically.



To Write effective ad-copy you must first understand your ideal client avatar down to a tee. You must know their pain points, problems and desires.



Once you know these, you need to bridge the gap between their current situation and their desired situation by placing your products as the solution/vehicle to get them there throughout your copy.


See how we can drastically reduce your customer acquisition costs by writing God-like Ad-copy here.

Demonstrating The Devastating Power Of "God-Like" Ad-Copy:

To further demonstrate and stress how important your ad-copy is, we’ll compare “God-like” ad-copy with “Okay-level” ad-copy.


Let’s assume we have 2 different E-commerce business, both have a website conversion rate of 2%.


Both have a CPM (cost per impression) of $10 with their Facebook ads, which is pretty average.


‘Business A’ has a click-through rate (CTR) of 1%, whereas ‘Business B’ has a CTR of 1.5%.


0.5% seems like such an insignificant difference but there are devastatingly-powerful, compunding effects that knock-on to all your other marketing metrics.


Let’s take a closer look…


For ‘Business A’: 1 in every 100 people click, which means their cost per click (CPC) is $1, whereas ‘Business B’ gets 1 in every 66 people to click their ads. Which means they have a CPC of 66 Cents.


If each business has a 2% website conversion rate that means out of every 100 people to visit their store only 2 people buy or 1 in 50.


That means for ‘Business A’ they need to spend $50 to acquire 1 new customer, whereas ‘Business B’ only needs to spend $33, which is $17 less!


If you scale this to 1,000-10,000 orders a month, ‘Business B’ would be keeping an additional $17,000 to $170,000 a month in their pockets despite the fact they are spending the exact same amount on ads as ‘Business A’, simply due to the fact that they have had their ads written by an expert level copywriter, who took take their CTR from 1% to 1.5%


At MCG Agency, this sort of competitive advantage is shockingly-apparent to us and is one of the main reasons why we operate remotely as this allows us to scour the entire globe and hire the top 1% of the 1% of copywriting geniuses, which we have here at the agency.

Client Results

£24,285.19 Spent -> £258,640.11 Made = £234,354.92 Profit in 90 Days:

$25,357.49 Spent -> $61,376.29 Made = $36,018.80 Profit in 60 Days:

$3,163.44 Spent -> $40,736.41 Made = $37,572.97 Profit in 30 Days:

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